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A community for people hotter and better than you
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If there is any indication that you haven't fucking read this, wave bye bye.

This is a community basically for whoring pictures when your vanity gets the better of you and you just want to be told you're fucking beautiful. Sadly, to be told this, you're really going to have to be fucking beautiful so if you're not, don't post here, please. It will just be awkward for all of us, because we won't feel obliged to compliment based on your inner beauty (which I'm sure is just stunning!) and I'm afraid over here a spade's a spade. I would discourage any biting of tongues or sympathy compliments. This community will be blunt, harsh and no holds are barred. If you are sensitive or self concious, turn back now.

While you are here you shall bow to me, beauty_blinds as your God.

A few ground rules:
- Retardedness at this community is neither permitted nor tolerated.
- I rule supreme here. You piss me off and you're gone. No debate.
- Remember you're here because you're sexy, so kindly share and whore the fuck out of yourself.
- Four pictures max per post once accepted.
- If the pics are fucking huge, I kill you.
- If someone hurts your feelings, for the love of all that is holy do not come crying to me. I don't care.
- Speak your mind.
- Stay beautiful...otherwise I'm banning you.
- Don't comment on other posts until accepted.
- Promotion of other communities is a definate no no.
- 16 and over.
- Not a rule but some promotion wouldn't go uncredited. Use this banner if you're going to:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Ok before we go into the application, a few rules about it:
- The subject of the application should be "My name is (yourname) and I'm fucking hot". I swear, if I get those exact words people will die.
- LJ cut.
- I understand that the questions may require you to think...fucking do it.
- If you have an opinion, it must be supported.
- Explain and elabourate your answers where possible.
- Proper English, you fuck.
- No illegible fonts.
- No AlTeRnAtIvE cApS aPpLiCaTiOnS wIlL bE cOnSiDeReD. I cAn Do It ThOuGh.
- If you are rejected, leave quietly and you can try again once no one gives a fuck about your pitiful existence.

Obviously we're going to ask for some pictures and yeah I've got rules about those too:
- Don't be ugly.
- FOUR pictures. No more. No less.
- We have to be able to fucking see you in all of them. I don't want any "Where's Wally?" photos k?
- I will categorically fuck you up if your pictures are so huge that I am scrolling down your nose for 10 minutes.
- Do not photoshop yourself to hell.
- If you smile in them, I'm revoking your poseur card.
- Right, keep you bits and pieces inside your according undergarments

Right, on with the application.

1. Basics:
A) What's your name or shall I just call you Pissface?
B) Gender? (it will be embarassing if the photos don't tell)
C) Age?
D) Height?
E) Location? (please don't try to get witty with this and just tell us where you relly live)
F) Sexuality? (trust me it's a basic)
G) Why are you applying?

2. Your image:
A) Tell me your style.
B) Do you think you're attractive? Why (not)?
C) Do you think other people think you're attractive? Why (not)?
D) Will I think you're attractive? Why (not)?
E) How important are the opinions of others on your looks to you?
F) What do you consider your best feature?
G) What do you consider your worst feature?

3. Your personality:
A) Five words to sum yourself up.
B) Five insults you've recieved.
C) Are you a cunt?
D) Do you have one?
E) Are you passive or assertive?
F) Do you know the meaning of tact?
G) Do you tell people what's on your mind?
H) Turn ons?
I) Turn offs?

4. Your life:
A) Who is the most important person in your life. Why?
B) Tell me about one time when you were really frickin' pleased with yourself.
C) Tell me about one time you fucked up.
D) Are you a slut?
E) You have an entire free weekend. What do you do?
F) Do you think you'll ever get married?

5. What are your views on:
A) Feminism?
B) Racism?
C) Homophobia?
D) Organised religion?
E) *shudder* Country music?
F) This application?

6. Hypothetical:
A) Your father had been bitten by a snake in his male bits and pieces. You're miles and miles away from a hospital and he could die. Would you suck the poison out?
B) What the fuck would you do if Courtney Love attacked you in a dark alley with a flash light and a glass bottle?
C) You could choose one super hero power. What would you choose?
D) You can bring one dead person back to life. Who?
E) Rich or famous?

7. Random questions:
A) Does your milkshake bring all the boys to the yard?
B) Favourite bands/artists?
C) What's your damage?
D) Have you got side tracked and started touching yourself while watching internet porn during this application?
E) Are you bored now?
F) Think we're done?

8. Just a little game:

Pick a band and answer only using that band's song titles:

A) Are you male or female?
B) Describe yourself.
C) How do some people feel about you?
D) How do you feel about yourself?
E) Describe your girlfriend/boyfriend/interest
F) Where would you rather be?
G) Describe what you want to be.
H) Describe how you live.
I) Describe how you love.
J) Share a few words of wisdom.

(just because I thought that game was quite fucking hard. Don't forget to tell me what cunting band it is)

9. Right. Picture time. WHORE THYSELF: