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My name is Pudge and i'm fucking hot

1. Basics:
A) What's your name or shall I just call you Pissface?
Just call me pissface

B) Gender? (it will be embarassing if the photos don't tell)

C) Age?

D) Height?
5ft7/8, or so.

E) Location? (please don't try to get witty with this and just tell us where you relly live)
Portadown, Northern Ireland

F) Sexuality? (trust me it's a basic)

G) Why are you applying?
It's a Sunday

2. Your image:
A) Tell me your style.
I like Jeans, spacious, so i dont fracture myself. Witty or green tshirts for extra radcore points, dont question me. Underwear with nice things, like cars and rabbits. Scarves and hats..ok, stfu

B) Do you think you're attractive? Why (not)?
Maybe tomorrow

C) Do you think other people think you're attractive? Why (not)?
If they could be bothered

D) Will I think you're attractive? Why (not)?
If you could be bothered

E) How important are the opinions of others on your looks to you?
Not as important as other things, like, muck..

F) What do you consider your best feature?
I have fully functional body parts, all of which are firmly intact. Snazzy, non?

G) What do you consider your worst feature?
Feet, because, uh...Feet.

3. Your personality:
A) Five words to sum yourself up.
Sarcastic, Stubborn, Bitchy, Scone Margery?

B) Five insults you've recieved.
Ask Tamtaw

C) Are you a cunt?
Yeah, sure

D) Do you have one?
Yeah, sure

E) Are you passive or assertive?
Passivly assertive

F) Do you know the meaning of tact?
Yes, in fact.

G) Do you tell people what's on your mind?
If you wanna know please send an SAE to..never mind.

H) Turn ons?
:). Kisses..uh, sarcastic hawt bitches, people that can make other people cry, i like when hawt peoples trousers fall down :\, peter perfect and his turbo terrific, you perve.

I) Turn offs?
Smelling like soap, punkleikwhoa.

4. Your life:
A) Who is the most important person in your life. Why?
Pikachu, for he is yellow and violent.

B) Tell me about one time when you were really frickin' pleased with yourself.
Right now, doing this. No really.

C) Tell me about one time you fucked up.
[emo]My whole life is a fuck up[/emo] lying.

D) Are you a slut?
Totally negatory

E) You have an entire free weekend. What do you do?
Dance, prance and pass out.

F) Do you think you'll ever get married?
Woo, Marriage certificate.

5. What are your views on:
A) Feminism?
cuntcuntcuntcuntwhinecuntcunt.rad. No, really, gofer it, if you think you can make a difference.

B) Racism?
I dont like it too much.

C) Homophobia?

D) Organised religion?
Its like cheese in a tube, but not.

E) *shudder* Country music?
Dolly Parton, take me now

F) This application?
radcore..really. its amusing.

6. Hypothetical:
A) Your father had been bitten by a snake in his male bits and pieces. You're miles and miles away from a hospital and he could die. Would you suck the poison out?
He can suck his own poison out.

B) What the fuck would you do if Courtney Love attacked you in a dark alley with a flash light and a glass bottle?
Probabaly cry. But wouldnt it be hawt...?

C) You could choose one super hero power. What would you choose?

D) You can bring one dead person back to life. Who?
Bambi's ma

E) Rich or famous?
Famous, then i'd likely be rich too.

7. Random questions:
A) Does your milkshake bring all the boys to the yard?
Don't push me, push a push pop

B) Favourite bands/artists?
Hole, Primus, mars volta, bikini kill, at the drive-in, mr bungle, babes in toyland, goldfrapp. stuff. bye.

C) What's your damage?
leave me alone

D) Have you got side tracked and started touching yourself while watching internet porn during this application?

E) Are you bored now?
No. But this is the 3rd time ive filled this in, if my computer crashes again im going to jump off a bridge, and im taking the computer with me. D: </3>
Old picture. </3>

Ok. Pose bitch.

the end
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