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the fabulous miss fox

  1. Basics:
A) What's your name or shall I just call you Pissface? rachel

B) Gender? (it will be embarassing if the photos don't tell) female
C) Age?19
D) Height?6 foot
E) Location? (please don't try to get witty with this and just tell us where you relly live)belfast N Ireland
F) Sexuality? (trust me it's a basic)not hetrosexual
G) Why are you applying?cus imbetter than other ppl

2. Your image:
A) Tell me your style.
B) Do you think you're attractive? Why (not)? i dont think im hedious
C) Do you think other people think you're attractive? Why (not)? sum times my girlfreind thinks so
D) Will I think you're attractive? Why (not)?prob not i know ur taste
E) How important are the opinions of others on your looks to you? if i cared i mite try andcomb my hair or sumthing but i dont
F) What do you consider your best feature? long legs/ tits
G) What do you consider your worst feature?belly

3. Your personality:
A) Five words to sum yourself up. drunk, scatter brained ,parties, loyal , stoned
B) Five insults you've recieved. big clumsey dyke, lankey,twat, a-hole, are u sum kinda gafekk (gothic)
C) Are you a cunt? only wen i need to be
D) Do you have one?  yeah wanna see?
E) Are you passive or assertive? depends on the situation
F) Do you know the meaning of tact? i no wot it means but i dont often display it
G) Do you tell people what's on your mind? yeah it sumtime gt me in trouble
H) Turn ons? dark haired girls candel light insents
I) Turn offs? having mmbers of my familey anywere near my house periods

4. Your life:
A) Who is the most important person in your life. Why? it depends on the context
B) Tell me about one time when you were really frickin' pleased with yourself. i gave a speach to 20 thosuand people at an anit war demo
C) Tell me about one time you fucked up.i slept wif sumone behind my girlfriends bac
D) Are you a slut? i used to be
E) You have an entire free weekend. What do you do? get wasted wif peter tam and john and create mess in a park go to the venue
F) Do you think you'll ever get married? nope

5. What are your views on:
A) Feminism? ima feminist i belive in equal rites we still dont have them 30 % pay gap
B) Racism? im not racist its studip but i do hear alot of racist jokes courtesy of the mod
C) Homophobia? peoplesud be able to fuck who they like and its nobodys business
D) Organised religion? dont like it thogh if there was no organised religion then i cudnt torcher presits while pissd
E) *shudder* Country music? jo lean jolean im begin of u plz dont take my man
F) This application? ok but dont wanna ans the nxt question

6. Hypothetical:
A) Your father had been bitten by a snake in his male bits and pieces. You're miles and miles away from a hospital and he could die. Would you suck the poison out? id fonr jon and ask him to do it for me
B) What the fuck would you do if Courtney Love attacked you in a dark alley with a flash light and a glass bottle? fone tam to make him jelious
C) You could choose one super hero power. What would you choose? be able to read peoples minds
D) You can bring one dead person back to life. Who? kurt cobain then make all the city hall kids give me there pocket money to meet him
E) Rich or famous? rich

7. Random questions:
A) Does your milkshake bring all the boys to the yard? no cus iput vodka in itand drank it long ago
B) Favourite bands/artists?him and anything i can dance to anything from hole to nin
C) What's your damage? no blow
D) Have you got side tracked and started touching yourself while watching internet porn during this application? nope
E) Are you bored now? its better than tidyin my room
F) Think we're done? nope

8. Just a little game:

Pick a band and answer only using that band's song titles: him

A) Are you male or female? posion girl
B) Describe yourself. sweet pandemoinum
C) How do some people feel about you?pretending
D) How do you feel about yourself? joy and sorrow
E) Describe your girlfriend/boyfriend/interest beauitful
F) Where would you rather be? right here in your arms
G) Describe what you want to be. in heave tonight
H) Describe how you live. gone wif the sin
I) Describe how you love. wicked game
J) Share a few words of wisdom. dont fear the reaper

(just because I thought that game was quite fucking hard. Don't forget to tell me what cunting band it is)

9. Right. Picture time. WHORE THYSELF:


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